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Trailer trash lands at Boot

Slated for Punk Night with SideSixtySeven



What: Trailer Park Boys & SideSixtySeven

When: Sunday, Dec. 4

Where: Boot Pub

Tickets: $20

When Ian Roberts of punk band SideSixtySeven, learned he would share the stage with the Trailer Park Boys, Sunday at the Boot Pub – and with Randy and Mr. Lahey no less – his first thought was excitement, followed by fear.

"They are the two craziest of the bunch," Roberts said. "I can’t imagine what is going to happen. What are they going to do to us? I’m going to bring cheeseburgers."

The Trailer Park Boys have become Canadian icons. Their Showcase hit talks about the lives of three Nova Scotia petty criminals, captured in a sort of pseudo-documentary style. However, unlike most shows, whose audiences tune in to see how the plot turns out, the characters are the stars of this show.

Comedians Patrick Roach, better known as Randy, and John Dunsworth, as Mr. Lahey, will join forces for the comedy stand-up act in Whistler, bringing the dysfunctional characters, loved by millions of devoted viewers, to life.

Expect the usual gutter-mouth banter of Lahey’s shit this and shit that antics along with Randy’s love of fast cars, talking dirty and living on the edge of the law.

Roberts said the show’s characters are all too real for life.

"I had a friend that grew up on the other side of the smoke stacks and he said it was very accurate: he knew Rickies (another Trailer Park Boys character) all his life," Roberts recounted. "They were all looking to get rich quick and in an out of jail. It is hard to tell whether it is scripted or not. Kind of like our shows: spontaneous, live and exciting."

Vancouver’s SideSixtySeven expanded from a local following to an international stage after joining the 2004 Vans Warped Tour and then featuring their music on the 2005 Beyond Warped Series album.

"They have major distribution North America and worldwide," he said of the album. "There is the view if our music is good enough for them, then it is good enough for kids at the mall."

The band is still rolling along with this year’s success after opening for Bad Religion at the Commodore in Vancouver last month.

The band has also played with The Causalities, Supersuckers, A.F.I., Good Riddance, Death By Stereo, Savannah, Guttermouth, Fishbone, GOB, D.O.A. and Ten Foot Pole, just to name a few.

The secret of their success? Creating loud, fast music with lyrics that show a social conscience and a lot of hard work.

"We keep everything internal. We have our own record label, put ourselves on tour, work with other bands and are establishing a new record label in the New Year with a bunch of Canadian bands," he said. "You don’t need a label because you basically are."

Loud, off the cuff and Canadian, The Trailer Park Boys and SideSixtySeven are the perfect fit for Whistler’s only Punk Night every Sunday at the Boot. SideSixtySeven will also be joined by punk band Rebel Spell. Tickets are

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