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Trail running clinics afoot

Weekly workouts part of monthly hash harrier runs



For the fifth year, Whistler Running Experience is hosting weekly trail running clinics, along with monthly hash harrier runs, starting with the first session on Tuesday, May 15.

The clinics are 45 minutes to an hour, and will take place on all types of terrain with options for all abilities. Participants will learn technique, do drills to build strength and ability, and get in some good trail runs to build endurance.

“We’re going to ramp up slow and build people up for the hash hound harrier runs,” said clinic organizer Duncan Munro.

The first hash run is on Tuesday, May 29, with Scott “Peller” Whelan acting as the hare for the evening. The Hash runs are group trail runs, where participants follow clues on the trails to try and find the hare. The benefit is that the faster runners spend more time running ahead looking for the next clue while the slower runners catch up to the lead group. People arrive at the hare at more or less the same time.

This year the clinics are sponsored by Escape Route, Adidas Eyewear, Salomon, and the Hilton Whistler Resort’s Cinnamon Bear Bar and Grille.

The weekly clinics and hash runs meet at Escape Route at 5:45 p.m., separate into groups and head out onto the trails. The cost is $2 to take part in the clinics and $5 to take part in the hash runs.

Participants should dress for the weather and temperature, and have good running shoes. Trail running shoes are preferred.