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Tragedy strikes home, 2,500 km away


I have lived in this area for many years and I am very hurt about the things I hear about drinking and driving. I have family and friends that are gone due to alcohol. I wish there could be something done about the fact that our younger generations have to see all the abuse of this killer. Things that are being done to help with abuse of this substance aren't enough anymore.

I have moved from this area to make a better life for me and my three children. I am now 2,500 km away from home, yet I still hear of the tragedies and losses substance abuse causes. Will this never end? It is all over the world. When are people going to realize the abuse of this substance is not only killing themselves, their organs, but also devastating the ones they love?

Rhonda F. Joe


Put hall expansion on ice

It is time to stop the $5.7 municipal hall project. There are too many open-ended projects that could all go over budget. There is the sewage treatment plant, athletes’ village, awards plaza, our new investment in Millennium Place, and of course the library, which still has untendered items. Council is now looking at taking out a loan to finish the library. The last time the library budget was increased we were told that the municipality had $3 million in reserves to fund cost overruns. Where did all the money go?

I do not buy the argument that the municipal hall needs to be brought up to the code. Building codes always evolve, and one would think the hall met all the requirements of the day when it was moved. If every building in Whistler needs to be brought up to the current code, we may as well bulldoze the village.

Let’s put the municipal hall project on ice. After we get past 2010, construction costs should drop and we can revisit the project.

Jim Watts


Any Given Friday...

Motorcycle enthusiasts might know the relevance of "Any Given Sunday". Well, my story starts on a particular Friday, May 11th.

I was on my way over the Duffey, en route to Kelowna on my motorbike — yes it's a "crotch rocket"; yes it's "stupid powerful"; but yes, I am a conservative rider. Nonetheless, something happened that left me roadside, broken, and completely void of any immediate memories.

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