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town hall meet

The annual Town Hall meeting is still scheduled for Nov. 9, one week before municipal elections, even though a report to council this week noted a new date, a week following the elections. Council passed a resolution at its Sept. 3 meeting that the Annual Town Meeting would be on Nov. 9. Municipal elections are Nov. 16. But an Oct. 1 report by Director of Planning Mike Vance to council concerning the affordable housing proposal call noted that "All proposals may be displayed at the Annual Town Meeting open house to be held November 24, 1996." Vance said it boiled down to a matter of whether council wanted the meeting before the election or whether they wanted the meeting with the information properly assembled and presented. The Town Hall meeting includes presentation of the Planning Department’s annual monitoring report. Acting mayor Thelma Johnstone said there was general discussion among council and staff about the housing proposal call and no one thought it would be much of an issue if the annual meeting was put back two weeks to allow time for all the affordable housing proposals to be presented at the meeting. The proposal call is scheduled to close Nov. 15. However, Johnstone said Mayor Ted Nebbeling had since informed her changing the date of the annual meeting requires a formal resolution, which must be initiated by the mayor or acting mayor. "It’s very important Ted that the date be before the election," Johnstone said. "I don’t know if it’s better to have the meeting before or after the election," she added. "If it’s before you may have people posturing politically. On the other hand, it’s a chance to listen to the community." Johnstone said that personally she feels it would be beneficial to have all the affordable housing proposals on display or presented at the Town Hall meeting. Nebbeling left for vacation Wednesday.