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Tourism Whistler holds board of director elections

Eight candidates were nominated for three positions on the Board



Tourism Whistler members have elected two incumbents and a newcomer to the organization's board of directors.

Eight candidates were nominated for three positions on the Tourism Whistler Board of Directors this year, with voting taking place online and at yesterday's annual general meeting. The results were announced at the AGM.

The positions available for election this year included: Multi-Managed Lodging - Benchlands, Single-Managed Lodging - Small, and Commercial.

In the category of Multi-managed Lodging - Benchlands, the candidates were incumbent Brenda Baker, of Stoney Creek Resort Properties, Sue Chappel, of Allura Direct and Mark Blasak, of Whistler Premier. In this category, Sue Chappel was the successful candidate.

In the category of Single-Managed Lodging - Small, the candidates were incumbent Saad Hasan, of Lodging Ovations, Peter Humig of the Four Seasons Resort Whistler and Robert Simpson of the Adara Hotel. In this category, incumbent Saad Hasan was re-elected.

In the Commercial category, the candidates included incumbent Duane Hepditch of Guestfolio, and Corinne Allison of Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Centre. In this category, incumbent Duane Hepditch was re-elected.

"I'd like to recognize each of the candidates who put their name forward for election," said Board Chair, Roger Soane. "On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Brenda Baker, for her many years of contributions

"Congratulations to Duane Hepditch and Sue Chappel."

Tourism Whistler is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors - five appointed and seven elected.

Board nominees do not have to be members of Tourism Whistler however they must be nominated by at least two members in good standing. All elected directors serve a two-year term. The term served by the appointed directors is determined by the organizations they represent.

The current Tourism Whistler Board of Directors:

¥Single-Managed Lodging - Large:?Norman Mastalir

¥Single-Managed Lodging - Small:?Saad Hasan

¥Multi-Managed Lodging - Benchlands:?Sue Chappel

¥Multi-Managed Lodging - Village:?Jim Allard

¥Multi-Managed Lodging - Other: Roger Soane (Chair)

¥Director-at-Large:?Tony Cary-Barnard

¥Commercial:Duane Hepditch

¥Whistler Blackcomb (appointed):David Brownlie,?Stuart Rempel

¥Resort Municipality of Whistler (appointed):Roger McCarthy,?Mike Furey

¥Tourism Whistler President & CEO (appointed)?Barrett Fisher