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Tommy Africa’s goes global


The Jungle is no longer restricted to the underground.

Tommy Africa’s has gone global. A high tech Web site was created to target the young and Internet-savvy market before they even reach the resort.

Designed by Whistler’s Reactive Design, with help from Krista MacDonal of B-Scene Media, Stephane Daury of TekArtists as well as Tommy’s dancer Ace MacKay-Smith and DJ Chris Viner, www.tommyafricas.com features DJs, special events, weekly listings and their famous go-go dancers. Future features will include set lists available for download, site sound controls, a live Web cam and the ability for visitors to mix their own music online.

Perhaps the most attractive bonus for club-goers is the E-pass. Just by signing up for their free e-mail newsletter, guests will receive a pass to skip the nightly lineups.

"The site definitely communicates the Whistler vibe that we’re famous for," says Warren Gabriele, owner of Tommy Africa’s.

Tommyafricas.com will be accessible from several Whistler information sites and heavily promoted in print and at the club itself.

You can put that E-pass to use at the official Web site launch on Friday, Oct. 5.

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