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Tom Thomson explains Rainbow request

Councillor thinks again about voting against the Rainbow gas station



Councillor Tom Thomson is having second thoughts about his recent vote against the Rainbow gas station rezoning and wants council to reconsider its vote as a whole.

He will be making his pitch for reconsideration at the October 4 council meeting.

"I voted against it because I didn't have the full information," explained Thomson of why he cast a nay vote to double the size of the convenience store at the gas station at the Sept. 6 meeting.

The store increase was defeated in a 5 to 2 vote with Councillors Chris Quinlan and Ralph Forsyth voting for it at the time.

Thomson now wants to follow up on information, once requested but not delivered, about the comparative gas stations in Squamish, as well as confirmation that it will take a larger convenience store to entice a gas operator.

"That would help me inform a better decision making platform," said Thomson.

Last week he put forward a Notice of Motion to bring back the gas station debate at the October 4 council meeting. His move met with opposition from Councillor Eckhard Zeidler who is still concerned about the legality of the procedure.

Thomson said he has researched that legality and it's within council's realm to reconsider.