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Tom Green's Snow Jam hits the GLC and the slopes

Comedian, actor and rapper testing out a new kind of show on B.C. tour



Tom Green wants to go snowboarding with you.


"If you're coming to the show and you're a snowboarder or skier, and if you listen closely throughout the show, I may announce a secret location to go snowboarding. I will let people know what days we'll be out," the comedian says.

"Then I go on Instagram and post a photo so people can see what my snowboard outfit looks like. I've got bright green pants that I just bought.

"People can come find me and take some runs with us. It's what is fun about the Snow Jam."

So if you see a line of 100 people led by a tall guy in new green ski pants, you'll know what's up.

The Snow Jam and Hip Hop tour is Green's new show, which he is bringing to a sold-out night at the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC) on Saturday, Feb. 25.

Stand-up, podcaster, interviewer, actor, rapper and lead loser in Freddie Got Fingered, Green has been a well-known performer since the mid-'90s.

There are a couple of other things that are fun about Snow Jam, too. Green is splitting the show into the two things he loves — stand-up and rap.

The tour has already taken Green and his opener, comedian Patrick Coppolino, to Golden (followed by Sun Peaks, then Whistler), and he's having a very good time hitting the runs at places such as Kicking Horse. Looking at the gig list, it is clear that shredding is definitely part of the plan, with ski resort towns prominent."We're having so much fun. We've already done Victoria, Vancouver, Nelson, Fernie," he says.

"It's been really fun playing smaller communities. Really crazy and packed, raw, ridiculous and hilarious."

The genesis of this idea was Green's friend Scott Arkwell, a.k.a. Whistler DJ Vinyl Ritchie, who has been friends with Green for 30 years, since they were teenagers skateboarding together in Ottawa.

"We came up with this idea a year ago. I'm recording an album right now and putting some music together. I have a recording studio in Los Angeles, where we've been making this music and we thought, Why not combine our passions: rapping, DJing, snowboarding and comedy, and book a tour through the B.C. interior and all the places we want to go snowboarding," Green says.

He added that this may become a regular thing.

"I tour all the time doing stand-up and I never get a chance to go snowboarding. I always get booked in Florida, or something. So this has been really great; I'm in the early stages of creating a new kind of show. I want to combine stand-up comedy and rap and blend the two together. We're in and out of jokes and songs and having a lot of fun," he says.

Green is also being filmed on tour, an eight-part series for CBC overseen by another Whistler connection, film producer Peter Harvey.Green has a message for those coming to the GLC.

"People need to know that if they're fans of my older stuff, this is going to be in there with the energy of the rapping and the music, and the absurdity of my movies — things like Freddie Got Fingered," Green says.

"But if you don't know my old stuff, if you're out and you want to check out the show because you know me from some of the more mainstream things I've done, you'll find something good, too.

"My fan base is very broad. People of all ages are coming out to the show, it's really cool.

Green is very busy; he's a polymath kind of guy for middlebrow art and has two films coming up in 2017.

One, Bethany, is his first horror film. In it Green costars with Shannen Doherty of Beverley Hills 90210 fame. It comes out in April.

"I play this very serious character, a doctor. It was really fun," he says.

"And the second one, Iron Skies: The Coming Race had a much bigger budget. It's more of a funny, science-fiction movie. We shot that in Belgium last November."