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From celluloid to digital, film industry in transition

What: Independent Film Making Workshops

Where: Rainbow Theatre

When: Dec. 7 & 8, 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Want to make movies? Or better still, make movies people want to watch? The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) is offering budding directors and producers the chance to get up close and personal with independent filmmakers who have successfully created their own digital feature films. A series of workshops will run in between film showings, allowing the pros to share their technical, financial and artistic hurdles and highlights.

Festival director, Shauna Hardy, said aspiring movie-makers would be crazy to miss it.

"We expect people will walk away with insights and answers on how to best approach the shoot and post-production of their DV feature," Hardy said.

The WFF teamed up with Vancouver’s Digital Film Group (DFG), who specialize in video to 35mm film transfers, to present the unique industry-oriented series. Vice-President of DFG and presenter at the workshops, Patti-Jo Wiese, said be prepared to be inspired.

"We’re bringing together some of Canada’s leading independent filmmakers who are breaking ground in the world of digital filmmaking," Wiese said.

Here is a rundown of the workshops, to be held in the Rainbow Theatre, and the digital masters who’ll be attending:

Friday, Dec. 6, 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Hands On Digital Cinematography: Directors of Photography (DPs) will have the chance to interact with colleagues and technology-makers in an intimate, informal setting. Four DPs of award-winning digital features will discuss formats, cameras, transfers and the new landscape of digital post-production. Participants will learn from their first-hand experiences about the limits, challenges and benefits of video, and how to get the best results with the blow up to 35mm. Feature film clips from Mini DV to 24PHD transferred to 35mm film will be screened and discussed. Panelists include:

• Bob Aschmann, DP of "Various Positions" (Sony/ Panavision 24P HD), Winner 2002 Prix de Montreal, Montreal Festival du Monde

• James Tocher, DP/President, Digital Film Group, "Croon" (24PHD), "Back at the Bar" (NTSC DVC pro 50), "Evirati" (NTSC JVC D-9), 2001 Leo Award for Best Cinematography

• Jonathan Benny, DP of "Hitler & Christ " (Canon XL-1), "No More Monkeys", "The Outdoorsmen"

• Nettie Wild, Director/DP of "FIX - The Story of an Addicted City" (Sony PD 150), Most Popular Canadian Film, 2002 Vancouver International Film Festival

• Norman Cohn, DP/Producer of "Atanarjuat - The Fast Runner" (Sony Digibeta 700), 2001 Cannes Camera D'OR, 6 Genie Awards, Best Canadian Feature Film Toronto 2001