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In Florida last month, the national timeshare associations of Canada, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, South America and the US were the first signatories to the Global Alliance for Timeshare Excellence. Whiski Jack Resort’s CEO Fred Daniels, joined in signing the agreement forming the first global organization of timeshare associations. Daniels was recently elected chairman of CRDA (Canadian Resort Development Association), Canada’s national association for the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. Also signing for Canada’s national association was Gloria Collinson, the long-time president and CEO of CRDA. Canada’s timeshare industry is set to play a strong role internationally through its membership in the recently formed GATE, which intends to raise positive awareness for timeshare world-wide by increasing effectiveness of codes of ethics, use of legislation and standardization of public protection. "Tourism is outpacing the overall economy as a wealth creator and is generating jobs at twice the pace of Canadian business," says Scott Meis of the Canadian Tourism Commission. Collinson says the timeshare industry is expanding at roughly five times the rate of tourism’s traditional hospitality industry. Today, the rapidly growing community of vacation time-sharers numbers over five million families, who own vacations in more than 5,000 resorts and create annual sales of $6 billion US.