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Time to prepare for these pink tacos

Annual Pink Taco Party set for March 21 at the GLC



Look fellas, we all know that you'd like a taste of those pink tacos but it ain't gonna happen. Not this year. You had your chance and a few of you blew it for the entire male gender.

And so the annual Pink Taco Party is testosterone free and very, very pink.

For the past seven years, Sharai Rewels has been throwing the ladies-only party as a means for Whistler women to don their heels and dress down in pink for at least one night out of the year and just, you know, be ladies.

"It's a good avenue, especially for Whistler girls, to get together. It's a really testosterone-based area that we live in, you know? And the girls are all about keeping up with the guys and it's just nice to be girly for once," said Rewels.

She says the GLC will be a "pink wonderland" and if all goes to plan, the venue will be virtually unrecognizable. A few well-groomed and well-behaved men ("The crème de la crème" of Whistler men, according to Rewels) will greet the ladies at the door and will serve them drinks throughout the evening.

There will be the buffet, serving the eponymous tacos. There will be chocolates and gifts. Tail Feathers Poledance instruction will have a pole setup for lessons. Music will be provided by Pink Taco veteran Ace McKay-Smith as well as Surgeon Bomb.

The party began as a one-off birthday party for Rewels after she had an argument with her boyfriend at the time. She decided she would celebrate her special day without any men around to disturb the peace. At the time she decided this, her roommate was wearing a shirt that read, "I (heart) pink tacos" — and also happened to have a knack for making really good tacos.

So party plans were made. She rented the GLC to accommodate the 150-person guest list and it grew from there.

"It just got bigger and bigger each year we did it," she said. "Then I switched it. My birthday is in September, at the

end of September. It's right before rent day, right at the beginning of the slow season, so in order to make it so more people could come to the party, I decided to do it in the spring time."

Since then, it's been a sold-out event year after year, celebrating femininity in an entertaining way that's also free from the unsavoury masculine influence for at least one night.

"We used to let them in," Rewels laughed. "I'd get on the GLC bar, ring the bells and yell, 'Send in the wolves!' We'd let the doors open and you'd see it. You look out and it's all pink, everyone's wearing pink, and you'd see the darkness seep in. I've had to kick a few guys out because they had high expectations that the girls were really waiting for them to get there."

So, as testament to the will of women to have fun on their own, no boys allowed. Sorry.

Tickets for the Pink Taco Party are $20 at the GLC. Partial proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association in memory of Kate Stratford. Oh, and pink attire is mandatory.