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But at least as far as these points go, this current misappropriation of funds gets a big fail. The only payoff for however much this is going to cost — and we all know how pricey construction is in Tiny Town — is keeping the Luge Federation happy and hosting the World Championships, the economic spinoff of which is zilch. No one other than lugers themselves gives a rat's ass about this competition, and that's a very, very small universe. There will be no "economic spin-off" for Whistler or the region.

Unless... unless, our own level of government screws up the courage to end this charade once and for all. Since the new start facility will, arguably, add to the value of the White Elephant, their property taxes, which they don't pay, will go up. If the boys and girls we elected in last November's clean sweep — largely on the promise of fiscal sanity — ends WSL's tax holiday there may well be some economic spin-off.

Unlike Canada's war in Afghanistan, this is something we can do something about. If you've had enough of this nonsense, let mayor Wilhelm-Morden and council know. Take a moment and drop them an email. Their contacts are listed on www.whistler.ca. It's about time someone acts like a rational grownup.