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I suspect that doesn't make much sense to you. It certainly doesn't to me. I believe you have to be either a federal politician or lobotomized to think it does.

But sadly, there isn't much we can do about it. While we may be able to think globally, we really are pretty powerless to change the mind, and I use that word loosely as well, of the Harper government.

That being said, we can act locally. And locally, we have our own little "What were they thinking," fiasco. I refer to the ever-growing fiscal hole being dug by the — forgive me for kicking this ca..., er, dog twice in three weeks — Whistler Sport Legacies.

At the urging of the International Luge Federation — lying on your back sliding — WSL is spending (insert your guess here) dollars coming from (insert your guess on level of government) to build a new start house for luge competitions, most importantly, and I use that word loosely too, for the 44th World Championships in February of next year.

We don't know how much it's going to cost or what it's going to look like because WSL won't tell us. They want us to wait until some time in the fall when they make the official announcement. The cynical among you may think it's because they don't know themselves but I'm not that cynical, especially since Sam Edney, the athlete representative on the Canadian Luge Association indicated to Pique's Alison Taylor that he's seen the plans and was quite excited about the new facility.

So why the secrecy? I'll just let that question hang because, frankly, I don't have a good answer. I do know the silence puts the boots to WSL's claimed desire to be transparent and timely in communicating with their partners. We are all their partners. And it certainly begs the question of whether this is the best way for partners to treat each other.

It also calls into question WSL's own mission and organizational goals. Its mission statement includes the following: "Develop a business model that ensures financial resilience over the long term;" and, "utilize the venues to generate tourism visits and economic spin-off for the region."

Resilience is an interesting choice of words. Of its various physical definitions, I'm assuming the one closest to what they meant was buoyancy, as in being able to stay afloat.

In conjunction with its own organizational goal of, "Operating revenue centres on a sustainable and fiscally responsible basis," one could safely assume that's what they meant.