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They're back....the Maxies for 2013


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The corks have popped, the bottles are empty and today's the day we wish was tomorrow because we'll all be feelin' better by then. When I was in school, my strategy was always to start strong in case I finished weak. That pretty much describes 2013. Great start, disappointing finish.

But there were accomplishments to celebrate and lesser accomplishments to scratch our collective head about. Here were a few out of many in the running for the 2013 Maxies.

The Mountains

Best Improvement, Mountain Division:

$18 million for the Harmony 6 Express and Crystal Ridge Express? I don't think so. $18 million, not a single square metre of new terrain, more crowding in a formerly less crowded zone? Sorry. The best thing out of WB this year came from the marketing department. No, really. The Most Confident Man in the World ad, featuring Duke Dufour as a goggle-tanned ladies man? Priceless.

Best Performance, Mountain Division:

I don't think any of the snowmakers slept during the last -15° Cold snap. Because of their heroic efforts, we're not downloading. Whatever you're getting paid, it ain't enough.

Mom Always Liked You Best:

BC Parks gave WB, and only WB, a look-see, chance to comment on the master plan for Garibaldi park because, well, because they can and because they apparently have no concept of fair play. Unfortunately, while it's not likely to significantly change any decisions, it makes both parties look bad. Rule #1: If you're going to do something to make yourself look unethical, make sure it comes with a big payoff.

I Get High With a Little Help From My Friends:

Yeah, it's another marketing thing but so what? WB joins forces with Aspen, Squaw Valley, Snowbird and Mammoth as part of the Mountain Borg, er, Collective. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, a Mountain Collective pass, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses. Time for a road trip.

Politics — Local

Allow Me to Clarify:

Just in case the proponents of Whistler International Campus failed to get the gist of the six councillors who spoke against their rezoning application, Mayor Nancy, in a classic the-sun-rises-in-the-east moment, tapped the final nail in the coffin, saying, "This is not a proposal to build a university. This is a proposal to build a large commercial development and perhaps rent out some of it to people putting on courses."

It's Not That We Don't Like You:

But it's beginning to feel that way. Muni council scored a big success with their Education Task Force. It was comprised of members of the community Mayor Nancy called "big brains." Unfortunately, the lesson didn't stick. Liquor policy committee: Zero members from the everyday community. EPI task force:

Zero members from the everyday community at large. May Long Weekend task force: The usual suspects. What do we have to do, divorce you to get your attention?

Quick, Before the Sun Comes Up:

Vampires and the FE&A task force both love the dark. Laying waste to the promise of openness and transparency for yet another year, the task force's Star Chamber antics in doling out RMI money can only leave us wondering... because no one's talking.