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The wearing of the pink raises money for women's centre

The Pink Taco Party sells out each year, but this may be its last



Whistler's "Best Girls' Night Out" may be on its last legs and is looking for a new mentor.

The Pink Taco Party has been the resort's titillatingly named, (mainly) women-only fundraising party for almost a decade, but organizer Sharai Rewels explains she has the best of reasons for possibly ending the night.

"I might be moving this summer. I'm getting married and moving along. I might be able to pass the torch but who knows?" she says.

It's certainly not from a lack of popularity. The party, which takes place at the Garibaldi Lift Company on Wednesday, March 12, sells out every year.

"There should be a couple of tickets left but people should move fast!" Rewels says.

It's not all fun and games and interesting slang words for lady bits. Ten Pink Taco parties in the last eight years have raised almost $10,000 for charities in the region.

This year, the money will go to the Howe Sound Women's Centre, as it has for the last two years, helping women who have gone through domestic violence.

"They do so much good work," Rewels says. "Whistler is a party town and there are a lot here. People love to have fun but we should always keep in mind there are people less fortunate, and why not help others while we celebrate?"

There have been changes to the Pink Taco over the years, she says.

"We've definitely evolved as a party," Rewels says.

"It has broadened. It was mostly my friends at first but then it opened up to Whistler ladies in general. You see a diversity in ages, too, and I'm really happy about that. The moms of Whistler and the 19-year-olds are all hanging out together. Sisters, mothers, best friends, staff members get to hang out. It's really nice."

A taco buffet will be offered to the 250 women attending, and some serious butt shaking will follow with music by local DJs Foxy Moron and Vinyl Ritchie, who is changing his name that day to Vinyl Bitchie.

"The ladies can expect to get there early and have dinner, there's an all-you-can-eat taco buffet. The whole room is pink, everyone's dressed up. What I notice is that it sounds different because all the girls speak in a higher octave," Rewels says.

"It's a big music night. We've got local DJs this year... We've got so many DJs based here. Instead of having to fly DJs in, it gives us more of an opportunity to donate that money that I would otherwise spend to the women's centre, as opposed to flying in talent."

Attention men!: Do not fear male fans of Pink Taco night. If you respect the pink and wear some of it yourself, the ladies will let you in after midnight.

This comes after a time several years ago when the guys turned the Pink Taco Party into a sausage fest, making it a little uncomfortable for the Pink Taco sorority.

"Initially, we let them in at midnight, but I revoked that for a couple of years," Rewels explains.

"We didn't let the guys in because you could almost see a change as they infiltrated the crowd. Some of those guys, I want to say tourists, would come expecting something and they would ruin our party. No, the guys have to be wearing at least one thing pink to show that they're in the spirit of the party and they understand what it's all about.

"We'd definitely like men to be part of it."

Rewels says she hopes to have a special, surprise performance this year. Last year, there was a burlesque performance and jujitsu demonstration. At 11:30pm there is a prize throw, with $5,000 in prizes from local businesses being thrown into the crowd.

Tickets are $25.

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