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The Vicious Circle returns

Ironman and religion



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Some would say that Ironmen are addicted to the endorphins, the adrenalin. My religious experience nothing more than chemicals brought out by exercise-induced fatigue. So? The incense of my religion – clean perspiration, fresh air, trees, pollen, smoke from forest fires, rain hitting dry pavement. My feet pace out my faith like the faithful pace out a maze, following the path hoping to find God at the centre. And what do I find at the centre? Me. But not me as some might think, self-absorbed and arrogant, imagining myself as the centre of the universe, but rather me, aware of my place in the universe – insignificant, yes, but part of a greater amazing whole, struggling, fighting, breathing, living along with everyone and everything else.



Brandi Higgins is a swim coach, Ironman Canada 2003 finisher and a member of the Whistler Writers.