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Horrorfest trophy has its own legend

Forged by the flames of Pemberton metal artist Kyle Bubbs, the Heavy Hitting Films B-Grade Horrorfest’s menacing mounted skull trophy is not even a year old and already it has got stories to tell.

A couple months after winning last year’s horror filmfest Lauren Graham decided to put her award to one of its intended uses – as a shooter glass holder, in honour of her roommate’s birthday. She awoke the next morning to find the silver skull had vanished without a trace.

After a long time, and with no contact from anyone regarding the trophy, festival creator Feet Banks started receiving mysterious pictures of the skull in various locales around what appeared to be Vancouver.

It was obviously a ploy to screw with Banks, says Graham, since she never received any of the pictures.

Recently, without notice, the trophy reappeared on Banks’ doorstep. He says he’s unimpressed with the stunt, since it denied Graham of her time with the hallowed award.

"It’s kind of like the Stanley Cup, it comes back to us at the end of each year and then we award it again and that person gets it for a year and then it comes back," says Banks.

"Poor Lauren Graham, her trophy was stolen and held for ransom for the better part of the year. She kind of got ripped off."