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The skiing was wonderful, if perhaps a bit workmanlike. It neither thrilled nor disappointed. It was. We were. He, she or it will have been. We conjugated winter and began to think about spring and the summer to follow. The instant locals among us began to drift away a bit earlier than usual, or so it seemed, anxious to move on to their next adventure, their next reason to postpone edging into the seriousness of life that awaits them when their journey ends.

Memories of 2012/13 can still be nudged up a notch or two. While winter fades in the rearview mirror of life, spring skiing still enjoys the possibility of inflicting immense pleasure. If the sun sticks around, temps creep up into the mid-high teens and the current forecast proves to be true, spring skiing conditions will be perfect and this underachiever of a season can go out reprising the bang with which it arrived.

Let us après.