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The perfect shot

Evolution of mountain biking industry through the eyes of Sterling Lorence



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“There are so many visitors there from all over the world, and so many different types of people coming through that space,” he said.

Visitors can expect to see a well-rounded selection of some of Lorence’s most powerful work from over the past ten years.

“I’m not getting too specific in one area, I’m sort of trying to hit all the spots – from the North Shore to some of the more crazy stuff we’ve done in Utah, and then a little collection of black and whites,” Lorence added.

Each piece will be accompanied by a narrative so visitors can get the real story behind the shot.

The timing is appropriate, too – the exhibition takes place during Kokanee Crankworx festival, an event that sees biking enthusiasts from around the world flock to Whistler to race and check out the talent.

“There should be a pretty good group of people walking through the gallery, which is obviously great exposure, as well, to people who don’t really know me or didn’t realize that I was from this area,” he said.

Though he’s in the midst of catalog season, Lorence will also be shooting in the area during Crankworx and doing some work for Whistler-Blackcomb.

There are sure to be a lot of talented, aspiring bikers in town, and Lorence hopes his photography will inspire a new appreciation of the hard work and passion within the industry, promote the natural surroundings that bikes to can take us to, and show how the sport has evolved over time.

Lorence’s exhibition is set to open at the Blake Jorgenson Gallery on Saturday, Aug. 2, the same evening that the gallery hosts an opening reception for the Whistler Art Council’s annual ArtWalk.