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The NiX big thing for Whistler

Site-specific theatre finds a new home on a stage of ice and snow at Lost Lake during the Olympics



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"There's a saying that I love, that a play is never finished, it's just abandoned."

NiX has a strong musical component, as well, including flaming instruments. The Only Animal commissioned i.e. Creative to build a functioning tuba and trumpet that shoot fire.

"They built us what I think is the world's best flaming tuba and we decided to go a bit further, because its really hard for the tuba to solo, so we asked them could you build a flaming trumpet? So we believe we have the world's first flaming trumpet!" Fanconi said with a laugh.

Tickets, which cost $19 to $45, are extremely limited as the dome only seats about 125 people, so Fanconi encourages anyone interested in seeing NiX to book early to avoid disappointment. E-mail tickets@theonlyanimal.com to be in the first group to reserve tickets when they go on sale.