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The music side of Krusty



What: Punk Night

Who: Mr. Plow

When: Sunday, Sept. 30

Where: Garfinkel’s

  “You are joking, right?” I say, not once but twice, and I’m still not convinced by Mr. Plow’s response.

A guy who works in a pornography magazine warehouse and produced four albums with track titles such as “Just because you want to fuck me, doesn’t mean I want to fuck you” and “Are You Really a Guy?” is writing a children’s album?

He’s dead serious — for once.

It’s hard to take him seriously with his over the top humour penning comedy into punk music.

He calls it “acrustic”, a mixture of punk and folk.

I don’t think I’ve heard punk music so strung out.

Mr. Plow is one part acoustic guitar and two parts growl rants, with all of the remaining score dedicated to lyrics that can only be appreciated by listeners who enjoy fart jokes in all the wrong places.

Think The Trailer Park Boys living next door to an R rated The Simpsons episode, one in particular.

Yes, he confirms, he is named after the episode where Homer Simpson runs a plough business as Mr. Plow.

“It’s just a way to get the word Plough out there in the open,” Mr. Plow explains.

The Vancouver musician takes every opportunity to put a spin on the word. Almost all of his albums play on the word with It’s Plow or Never, Mad Plow Disease and his new album currently in the works, Apocalypse Plow.

A children’s album starts to seem a little more believable. Anyone who loves a good pun can’t be all bad.

“A lot of people don’t use the word. It’s funny how it comes into context,” he said. “I’ve been a huge fan of The Simpsons since they did short cartoons for The Tracey Ullman Show, which they did even before they had their television show. That was a long time ago. That is how much of a fan I am, but don’t get me started on how the writing has gone to crap.”

Writing is the secret to Mr. Plow’s success.

“Udderly folking hilarious,” wrote Rek Magazine.