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The Marmots do their best in Williams Lake




Capilano 10 Whistler 0

SHITS (Abbotsford) 27 Wilson 17 (Whistler and Nelson)

SHITS (Abbotsford) 26 Wilson 14 (Nelson and Whistler)

Wilson beat Williams Lake


Pocomo 24 Whistler 0 (Whistler and UBC)

Simon Fraser University Lowlanders 64 Whistler 0 (Whistler and UBC)

Results did not go Whistler’s way but many of the Marmots did well just to remain standing in a tournament that was filled with quality players from around B.C.

Teams from Abbotsford, Prince George, Williams Lake, Prince Rupert, Nelson, Capilano, Simon Fraser University, Cowichan and other hybrid teams such as Rear Action and Velox competed in the tournament.

Women’s rugby was also well represented with teams from most of the aforementioned clubs and others from the Lower Mainland.

Teams were scheduled to play two 40-minute games on Saturday and another one or two on Sunday prior to the finals.

Whistler started well in their second game of their season against Capilano but with many players missing due to work commitments and others lacking match fitness, Capilano escaped with the win.

The highlight of Whistler’s post-game strategizing occurred when the team forced rooky prop Jeff Marissen to streak around both fields because he somehow managed to remain asleep in his tent through the entire first game.

Marissen’s ability to sleep was truly remarkable when you consider that both fields were completely surrounded by about 100 tents and 150 cars, there were people everywhere, it was hot and from 9 a.m. onwards there were referees blowing whistles every two minutes.

Soon after the match against Capilano, injuries and soreness started to take their toll on the Marmots but the gaps in the lineup were soon filled by Whistler’s "ski bum" brothers from Nelson who brought a smaller squad of players.

The men from Nelson had a strong forward pack but were lacking depth in the backs, either way their help was greatly appreciated and effective.

If there could be a downside to Nelson’s help it was that some players on both teams had to be involved in four games on Saturday instead of two.

The second match against the SHITS (Abbotsford) was a step up because several players in that side had played in B.C’s first division.

The SHITS had a powerful halfback, a big No.8, one fast flanker and a strong inside centre, and many of them were only wearing tight underpants and T-shirts which, strangely enough, made it all the more difficult for Wilson (Whistler and Nelson) players to tackle them.

Despite their pedigree and their rather slinky attire, the SHITS only managed 27 points against Wilson and many of the players in the now combined squad were confident they could overrun them in the next game.

In Nelson’s first official game, but Wilson’s third, the home team started well and maintained the pressure through the forwards to have the SHITS backing up for most of the game.

The SHITS only managed to overhaul Wilson in the second half with some breakaway tries, three of which, were instigated by the combination between their flanker and inside centre.

Wilson’s fourth match against Williams Lake was a ramshackle affair because many of the players in both teams were struggling to remain erect but, according to several sources, it was Wilson’s first win.

Williams Lake hosted a great tournament and their team contained some potential stars but they were quite young and threw away several chances.

When they were on, most of Whistler’s players did well, but Mike Margon, Matt "Avoca" Briggs, Mark Wilkinson and Ed "Special Ed" Dalgleish deserve a mention because they were available to play in all the matches.

Marissen also deserves a mention because, despite his first game blunder, he scored his first try against Williams Lake and it was a barnstorming effort.

In their first set of games this season, Whistler’s women also did well but were clearly hindered by a lack of match fitness.

In many ways their assignment was harder than the men’s because most of the other women’s teams were part of university squads that train together every other day.

The SFU Lowlanders in particular were a sensational side that would have little trouble winning games at a national level.

The Hoary Marmots next match is against Rowers RFC this Saturday at Whistler Secondary School.

The Marmots women’s side is expected to play next week. In the meantime any women wanting to try rugby are being asked to call Adam at 604 938-0202 (extension 237) or e-mail at

No experience is necessary and training, with the men starts at 6 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday at Whistler Secondary School. But if enough women call a specific women’s training session will be added to the schedule on Thursdays from 7.30-8.30 p.m.

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