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The Malente Whow factor

Germany’s DJ Malente tours new double-CD album showcasing DJ talents and remixes



Who: Malente

When: Sunday, Oct. 28

Where: Tommy Africa’s

Going over his remixes dating as far back as 2001 for his new album was like being sucked into a remix time machine for Cristoph Gottsch, more famously known as DJ Malente.

Some mixes, which are on his new album, Whow , reflected more of his break beat beginnings while others were styles fashionable to the time, such as French house music.

Malente reinvented past successes, taking what was old and making it new again for Whow . But no matter what tracks he explores, whether from 2001 or 2007, one thing unites his remixes: whatever genre he spins into, Gottsch always adapts and fuses them into his own distinctive style.

His style is best represented in his new tracks from Whow . The album includes two CDs: one dedicated to his DJ mixes, the other his best remixes, including five new ones.

The German DJ and producer is most famously known for his dirty electro sets, which sometimes operate more like a freestyle set with lesser known interesting tunes that are on par or better than what is found on the DJ charts.

“It’s not like a typical electro sound,” he said of his DJ style. “It’s more exciting than the usual electro stuff. Coming from breaks, I take that feeling of party and rock vibe into electro, creating my own style in producing but also in DJing.”

Malente has exercised his turntable talents around the world with shows in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Thailand, Bali, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Spain — and those are just the countries he traveled to in 2006.

“I’m always nervous when I have a night off,” he said. “I’ll be like shit, it’s Saturday night and I’m not DJing. Have I forgot a date?... My job is my life. I take self exploitation to the highest level.”

His exploitations have resulted in albums on Unique Records, Luscious Sounds, Azzido Da Bass and Splank! record labels. His most recent accolades include two 12-inch records on the top 10 of German Club Charts, including Killer Applikation and Open Secret.

With 24 tracks on the DJ Whow CD and 12 on the remixes Whow CD, you know Malente isn’t sitting on his laurels, nor resting his remixes success on big name artists.

“It’s not all about big names, but smaller ones and talent from all over the world — Australia, the U.S., Europe. It takes something from my traveling and exposing music that people on the other side of the continent might not know.”

Other artists’ music and repertoire are included, from Bob Sinclar, Coburn, Louie Austen, DJ Friction and more.

The former underground artist has always ventured down the road less traveled, bypassing the hype and buzz, but his remixing talents are sought out all over the world.

He is currently working on two more while preparing a live show for New Year’s in Australia. Before that two-month tour of Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Malente is touring his new album through Canada, Spain, Switzerland and Austria, including Sunday, Oct. 28 at Tommy Africa’s.

“I’ve stayed at home for four months now, which gets a bit boring, so I am glad to be on the road again,” he said.

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