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The Haunted Chairlift

Spooktacular Story 1



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"I sat down, and had this, like, full body cramp for a minute. I thought I'd broken something. Some guy skied my poles down. Everybody on the chairlift is cheering..."

John shuddered, listening to his friends. He was the only snowboarder in the group and was squished into the end seat of the chairlift.

"What was that?" he said suddenly.

He looked up quickly to make sure the chairlift's grip was holding, and relaxed.

"I thought I heard something."

"Like what?" his friend asked.

"Kind of like a scream." He looked around to see if anybody had crashed in the area under the chairlift, then looked back up at the grip. "I don't know what it was, but I heard something."

He shuddered again and felt a chill go up his spine. It was like something cold was moving back and forth through his body. He felt ill.

"I think... I think the chair must have made a weird noise," he decided, his mouth suddenly dry. "It's probably nothing. I'll tell the guy at the top."

"That's a good idea," his friend said seriously. "In the meantime we stay the hell away from... let's see... Chair 39."