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The Haunted Chairlift

Spooktacular Story 1



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"Limbo? Like when you dance under that pole?"

Dave sighed. "I didn't go to much Sunday school, Geoff, but Limbo is a place that's between heaven and hell. People go there that weren't baptized or died as babies or whatever, and are innocent. There they have to wait for Judgment Day."

"That's scary," said Tanya.

"No it's not," said Dave, calmly. "It's nothing. And maybe Judgment Day is up to you."

The old man laughed then and let his head fall onto his hands. The others heard him murmuring under his breath, catching the odd word here and there. One was "sorry," another "amen." The last was "goodbye."

At some point after that Dave disappeared. The others weren't immediately aware he was missing, but they felt it before they turned their heads to see the empty seat. It was as if they blinked and he was gone. Geoff called his name from the chair, over and over, wondering if he fell.

He looked over at the others. Derek was holding Tanya and they were crying softly.

"What are we going to do?" he asked them.

"Make peace with it I guess," said Derek, and turned to Tanya. "You ready?"

Tanya nodded. "I'm ready. I'm sorry about your wife and child Geoff. You'll meet them again someday. I know it."

"What are you talking about? What are you doing?"

Derek lifted the bar gently, smiled at Geoff, and wrapped his arm around Tanya as the two slipped off the chair into the void. There were no screams, no sickening thuds of two bodies crashing into the snow. Just more nothing.

"They left me," said Geoff, his voice cracking. "They frigging left me here!"

In his head he heard Derek's last words. "Make peace with it I guess."

With what? What was that flash? Where were they?

"No. No, no, no, no!"

Geoff cried and screamed. He screamed the name of his wife and child over and over again.

"I not jumping," he yelled. "Do you hear me? I'm not going anywhere, unless it's home. Hello! HELLO! ANYBODY! PLEASE!"

He stared into the void, his eyes wet with tears. The void stared back.


"... so I look over at Mark who is doing his thing, and I don't see the mogul field over the rise in front of me. Suddenly I'm in the air, arms and legs flailing, and I crash on this big mogul, bounce into the air, and crash again."


"Mark doesn't see me, I'm winded so I can't cry out. My skis are off and bouncing down the hill, my poles are up the hill behind me about fifty feet..."

"So what did you do?"