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The Glass Half Full

The story of a cancer survivor



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"Why did you not tell me?" he asked.

"I did, but you were not ready to hear it. But I guess now you are ready."

"I guess I am. I guess I'm ready to get rid of the negative shit," he responded.

Well, get rid of the shit he did, I don't really know what he actually did but something changed over those few months.

First he got worse; it was just before the Citta Challenge in the middle of June, that we all started to notice that he was deteriorating. He had become slower, more tired and he was pale. But he was still determined and somehow he managed to run eight kilometres that year.

But it took a toll on him, and it was that day that I thought for the first time that he might not make it. However, it was shortly after that when we had our talk about negative energy and from that day forward I never had that thought again - and I don't think he has either.

July is when his healing truly began. Every thought, every word, every moment became about the positive energy. The healing energy. Everyone participated in keeping all the energy around Jack positive.

That summer, his doctors increased his oral chemo and added steroids to his pill plan but the tumour was still growing. Finally his doctors and his family fought to have the experimental drug Avastin covered by his insurance company. This drug had been used in the U.S. for brain cancer but had never been used in B.C. until then and therefore was not covered. By fall, the insurance company agreed and Jack began his infusions of Avastin every two weeks. Within the first month the improvement was noticeable and after his first MRI it was reported that his tumour was shrinking.

By Christmas, his tumour was still shrinking and his positive outlook was increasing. By spring, he was still receiving his infusion and oral chemo but he no longer referred to himself as the "healthiest looking sick person" - he referred to himself as someone who was "once sick but now is just super healthy."



This is when the universe asked, "Well, you hit the bottom...now how full do you want your glass to be?"



It was at this time he was encouraged to contact a team called the "Brainiacs." They were a group of guys who were all surviving or had conquered brain cancer and they had formed a team for the two-day Ride to Conquer Cancer from Vancouver to Seattle. Jack joined their team and in a very short time raised over $11,000 for cancer research.