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The Glass Half Full

The story of a cancer survivor



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That is the first time he asked his cancer doctor how long he had to live. The doctor's response was, "I have looked all over your body and even on the bottoms of your feet and I can't seem to find your expiry date."

Jack took that statement to heart. Was he ready to expire? Hell no, not yet! But, something had to change; he had to do something differently. Over that summer he researched and read everything he could about health. Not just physical, bodily health but emotional, spiritual and mental health as well. One book that his psychologist, also a cancer survivor, recommended to him was Getting Well Again by O. Carl Simonton, M.D. It discusses how stress and negative emotions can create disease in the physical body.

Jack started to look at what caused the stress in his life and examine how he had dealt with his emotions in the past. He decided to make some changes to relieve the negative impact of those things on his physical body.

This was a very interesting time in our friendship, being that for years I had always been the one who was trying every form of alternative food, vitamin, treatment and exercise. I remember Jack just patiently listening to me go on my rants about the latest and greatest herb, yoga posture or spiritual guru. But Jack is a practical math and science guy; everything has to be proven fact and no spiritual crap for him. I once got him to do yoga and his only stipulation was he would do it as long as I did not make him chant.

Personally, I think the only reason he agreed was so that he could watch all the girls bend over in tight pants.

So you can imagine my shock when we were having lunch one day and out of the blue he announces that his cancer doctor had given him a book to read about energy and how it can affect the health of the body. The book explained that if you fester in your negative energy or you are surrounded by other people's negative energy, that the body can become unbalanced and create disease. Then he announced that he had figured out that his brain tumours had grown from years of negative energy and emotional stress that he had not dealt with.

I remember being speechless and having to pick my jaw up off the table before I could respond:

"Well, thank god you finally figured that out because I have known that for years."