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The Glass Half Full

The story of a cancer survivor



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So once again, Jack went back in the hospital and woke up with a splitting headache, a big bandage and a creepy hook scar on the side of his head. He and the boys thought the scar was cool. (Only guys think scares are cool, it made me want to be sick). Once again he rallied, pulled off a fast recovery and he was out of the hospital and back home no time. "So," he told himself. "It is done now, it is over, I can go back to my life."



But it wasn't to be. "Not yet," said the Universe. "You live life large so let's see if you can handle this and learn more..."



The surgery could only remove part of the tumour and that autumn the test results came back positive for brain cancer. Chemo and radiation was scheduled for November and December. That was when the battle got fierce. Jack rose to the challenge and inspired everyone around him to unite behind him. His family, girlfriend and friends did everything they could to keep Jack supported and in a positive frame of mind.

And, once again, his recovery was amazing. He lost his hair (but by then he did not have much to lose anyway...ha, ha!) but he looked great bald. He never got sick and he was still exercising. Have you ever heard of someone working out when they are having chemo and radiation? It was ridiculous, really; he was the invincible chemo machine. His ongoing joke to everyone was that he was "the healthiest-looking sick person you would ever see." Well, the positive mindset worked; by March of 2009 the remaining tumour was gone.

"Now it really is done," he told himself. "It is over, and I can go back to my life."

If only it were that simple.



"Not yet," said the Universe. "Let's see what else you can learn. What if we can get you to hit rock bottom? Let's see if we can empty your glass of life...let's see if you can get through this."



Two months later, in May 2009, a new tumour was found in a different part of his brain and it was already six centimetres in diameter. This tumour was located in a part of his brain that was inoperable.