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The Glass Half Full

The story of a cancer survivor



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Then in a moment it all changed. What do you think about when you drive home from work? Are you thinking about what you want for dinner? Or what happened that day? Or where you are going to walk the dog? Or are you grooving to some tunes and thinking about what a great day you had on the hill? Well that was what Jack was thinking about when it all went black.



That is when the universe said, "You had a great day, a great life but you have no control...it is time for your lesson..."



The next thing he remembers is waking up with a splitting headache, wondering where the hell he was and being really hungry. (No surprise on that, being that Jack is always hungry.) But that was six days later.

Jack was told that he had been in a car accident, hit his head and would need to be in the hospital for a while. In actuality, what the rest of us knew, was that he had experienced a bleed on his brain which caused him to go unconscious (in simpler terms, he had a seizure) at the wheel. He then launched his car off the side of Highway 99 and through a hydro tower.

It was a miracle that he survived the accident, but little did we know that this was just the beginning. Jack fought the whole time because he wanted to live. He was in an induced coma for five days and then he was in the ICU and the neuro ward for roughly another month, followed by rehabilitation at G.F. Strong. His recovery was miraculous and repeatedly amazed his doctors. He finally got to go home in June. But then the real battle started.

That summer it was determined that his brain bleed was being caused by a tumour. Brain surgery was scheduled for September 11. This started the endless questions. Why do young, healthy people get tumours? How does this happen? What caused the tumour? And the biggest one: was he going to be okay? Jack asked those questions to himself but his answer always was that yes, of course he would be okay!