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The Glass Half Full

The story of a cancer survivor



What do you have to go through to realize that life is not about the glass being half empty, it is about it being half full? What does it take for a normal guy, a happy guy, a guy who seems to have it all, to realize that his life is just a moment in time? And that, in a moment, everything can change?

This is the story of one man's journey about what it takes to go from a glass at rock bottom empty to overflowing.

He was just a guy... a guy named Jack. We have all heard the story a million times; he was the guy that moved to Whistler to ski. Skiing was his life. His motto was to live life large and in the '90s that was exactly what he did. Jack was everyone's friend.

Of course he was. He was the man behind the Savage Beagle bar for over 10 years. Back then you were everyone's friend if you were a bartender.

Everyone loved Jack... The boys loved Jack, he was their bro. He skied hard and partied harder, he got the boys in the back door and he always poured them the Jagermeister (or Vitamin J as he liked to call it) and kept them supplied with brewskis. Plus, he was the connector. He knew all the ladies, so he usually got his bros set up in that department as well.

Now the ladies...hmmm. They really loved Jack, and who could not? He had blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and he revered Cary Grant as the ultimate Casanova. He told all the ladies they were beautiful, stunning or gorgeous and they always received a kiss. He would usually make them a special vodka, melon liquor and cranberry martini. When they asked what it was called, he would ask them what their name was and tell them he named it after them.

Luckily for him... Susie, Sandy, Samantha, Kristi, Carla, Michelle... etc., never all came back and asked for their drink at the same time. Regardless, everyone woman always walked away from Jack feeling really good. He was charming.

After 10 years of being behind the wood, Jack traded in the lifestyle and late nights for his dream job. He had taken his love of skiing and became a Blackcomb ski patroller. As he put it, pouring Jager is fun and all, but it kinda makes it hard to throw bombs at six in the morning - and throwing bombs is way more fun than pouring Jager!

Even though he had retired from the bar, he couldn't walk into any establishment in town without receiving a free drink. Over the next few years he turned living the dream into his reality. He had it all - the house, the wife, the dog and the dream career. It was not totally perfect, there were a few glitches along the way - the wife became an "ex" for one and the dog got old, but for the most part, when he hit his 38th year, Jack was rocking. He still had a great home, a job he loved, an amazing group of friends and was living the single life - and living it large.