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The evolution of one funky Homosapien



Who: Del, the Funky Homosapien

Where: Garfinkel’s

When: Monday, Jan. 20

After more than 10 years in the fickle world of hip hop, this guy is one laid-back cat with a reputation for rapping about subjects considered unusual: the little things in life and keeping it positive.

Despite being cousin to gangster rapper Ice Cube, Del is in fact considered an upside inspiration to many. Maybe it’s because of his survival in the industry. He started out more than 10 years ago writing songs for Cube, but as all of us eventually do, he grew up. He ventured out on his own, made a couple of mistakes along the way, took up studying music seriously, made some talented new friends and ventured into a whole new world on the bright side of life.

Del talked to Pique about the evolution of not just the music industry but one very funky Homosapien indeed.

Pique: Hi Del, your fans all think you’re one hell of a visionary lyricist rather than just a rap/hip hop artist. Is that a vibe you’re content with?

Del: My lyrics, they are just a God-given gift, you know what I’m saying? It’s not a conscious effort I make doing it, it’s just me. It feels great to be respected and such but I don’t let it get to my head cos it’s not me trying so there’s no way I can sit back and take all the credit for it.

Pique: These days you seem to surround yourself with musicians and MCs who are all about the positive side of hip hop, especially with the Hieroglyphics, was that a conscious decision or a natural progression?

Del: It was natural. It’s just the kind of person I am. I try to stay on the positive side of things but the reality is you can’t have one vibe without feeling the opposite either. I try to add on though. Y’know, be on the developing side of things, as opposed to being on the destructive side of things.

Pique: Right on. So who are you bringing out to Whistler with you?

Del: This time I’m pretty much just solo, just me, but I’m bringing my DJ Zac Hendrix and my side man Kaos Unique plus MC Bukue One.

Pique: You’ve collaborated with so many amazing talents like Dan the Automator, Kid Koala, Handsome Boy Modelling School, Gorillaz and you’ve also got your own solo merits as well. What’s more rewarding for you, working with others or going solo?

Del: I like producing music now, mixing it means more to me than the rapping. I’ve been studying music theory for three years now so that’s my most favourite thing to do, use that knowledge in a real way to make good music with people.