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The END arrives with DJ Grammatik

Expect a night of fusion hip hop and EDM as the World Ski and Snowboard Festival bows out



DJ Grammatik is in his adopted hometown of New York City, working on new music over the course of the week, before flying out to perform at shows on the weekend.

This includes headlining The END, the annual last night of dance and partying at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival (WSSF).

He says in an email interview, "it has been a very busy year from the get-go, which is always good."

Originally from Portoro, Slovenia, Grammatik (born Denis Jašarevic'), began making music at 13 (he is now 32), and has lived in NYC for six years, continuing a career as a hip-hop, dubstep and electronic dance music producer that started in Europe.

"I'm not really sure how my background has helped me shape my music, besides the fact I come from a tiny country in Central Europe and was always looking outwards for inspiration," he says.

"Musically, I've always looked up to the U.S., French and U.K. music scenes as those three countries have always been the leaders since the beginning of popular music, I maybe just brought something fresh by implementing a little bit of native folk music from the Yugoslavian and the extended Balkan region in some of my tunes."

With nine albums and three EPs, his best-known tracks include "Hit That Jive," "So Much For Love," and "Brave Men."

Grammatik's latest album is last year's Epigram, a continuation of his love of fusing different styles. He says he doesn't try to overthink his process when creating music.

"I look at it purely as something I really like doing because it's incredibly fun for me," he says.

"Combining different genres together to create something new is like the most exciting video game in the world. It has always been very natural and fun driven.

"Since the day I started, I've always produced all of the EDM genres that I like and I've always tried to find new and creative ways of mixing them all together. Every new album is the most cohesive or outrageous attempt at that, depending on who's listening."

Asked what kind of show he is bringing to WSSF, Grammatik says, "People can expect the unexpected."

He adds: "Canadian EDM crowds are actually some of the best in the world for me, personally. I always have the best time playing in Canada, they always react to all of the right things during the show, and the welcoming love and support they show every single time is truly humbling.

"I'm very excited for the show on Saturday, it will be a special night of funk in B.C."

The END takes place at the Whistler Conference Centre on Saturday, April 15, from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. 

Three other DJs perform with Grammatik on the night: Dakota, Praiz and The Outlier. For more information, visit www.wssf.com.