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The Champ


She looks like a sweet young thing, but behind Lauren Graham’s giant Bambi eyes lies a mind capable of concocting severely sick and twisted, gore-splattered horror movie magic with a gross-out factor high enough to win her the first ever Heavy Hitting Films B-Grade Horrorfest trophy.

When she’s not filming bloody carnage she’s an editor with local snowboard video production house Treetop Films. Her independent, all-girl snowboard video Shot in the Dark was recently screened for the first time. But right now, all anyone cares to know about Lauren Graham is whether or not she has what it takes to defend her title.

So Pique Newsmagazine caught up with the Champ for a little chat, and to her challengers we say: Watch out. Because she’s baaaack…

Lauren on winning:

"I first moved here last year and I was all into movies and stuff, and then I heard about this horror movie fest, which is totally my thing. My mom’s a horror movie maniac. She made me watch them when I was like six-years-old.

"So I just entered it. I didn’t think I would win at all. And I did. It was awesome. I owe it all to (festival creators) Feet (Banks) and Chili (Thom), those guys inspire me so much. They’re so rad, and so smart and good at what they do, and I couldn’t believe they would have something that would bring so many new people together like that."

Lauren on last year’s title:

"Hagridden means ‘afflicted by nightmares or fear.’ I found it in the dictionary."

Lauren on defending:

"I’m not as focused this year. I’ll be honest. Last year I wanted to win. I’ve had a lot of people saying, ‘we’re going to kick your ass, Horror Queen!’ It’s been pretty entertaining for me.

"This year I stepped it up so much. I had a crew. My roommates gave me a budget. They lent me a whole bunch of money to make it. I’m so stoked. It’s the funnest part of my year. Snowboard videos pay the bills but horror movies are what keep it all going."

Lauren on this year’s entry:

"It’s more psychological. And I might even add dialogue."

Lauren on the competition:

"I think everyone’s going to step it up this year, because last year no one really knew the level of competition."

Lauren on being the Sea to Sky Corridor’s Queen of Gore:

"I don’t think there’s any higher honour. Truly."