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The Best of Whistler 2007

The data has been analyzed, the hanging chads scrutinized and some of the spelling interpreted to determine the Best of Whistler 2007. The people’s choices are…


Quintessential Whistler

Best Excuse for Being Late

It’s the age-old Whistler excuse for being late that any boss worth his or her salt understands — SNOW. There are various ways to describe the white fluffy stuff that makes us lose all sense of time, all sense of responsibility and lets you live with nary a care in the world. Here are some of the responses that all mean the same thing: powder, 20 cm rule, 20 cms of fresh, 30 cm of snow, four feet of powder, deeeeep fresh powder, Pow Pow. Bears also took their fair share of the blame for making people late, be it for trashing cars or blocking the pathway. If those excuses don’t work, there’s always the other age old Whistler truism: “I’m not late… it’s Whistler time.”

Best Neighbourhood

It can’t be beaten. Creekside came a very close second this year, losing out by just 10 votes. Emerald Estates and Whistler Cay tied for third place. And pretty much every neighbourhood in town scored lots of votes. But year after year Alpine Meadows takes the crowning glory as the best Whistler neighbourhood. We can only assume it’s the combination of the Meadow Park Sports Centre, the Alpine Meadows Market and neighbouring bakery and coffee shop, the baseball fields, the popular 19 Mile Creek employee housing complex, the Whistler Secondary school and more, that all add up to making it the best hood in town. Alpine Meadows, for those who haven’t been, is located north of the village on the west side of the valley.

Best Party 2007

Despite the cancellation of the biggest and most renowned party of the festival, Cornucopia still took top spot as the best party of 2007. This year marked the 11 th season of the food and wine extravaganza, which has grown from a weekend event to a five-day party! This year saw three times the number of after-parties, the Crush! event was extended to two nights and the closing of the MasqueRave opened up the door for more businesses to get involved. In addition, the grassroots events such as ARTrageous, the artisan market and the rib rave ensured there was both a local and visitor following.

Best Use of Money

While there were a few votes for saving it, many readers agreed that the best use of money was on a ski pass. Unlike “holidays” that quickly come and go or “new skis” which eventually become old, the annual ski pass is a season-long investment in fun, adventure, excitement, laughs, and general good times. Can your hard-earned money be put to better use than that?