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The Best of Whistler 2001


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Another category where there wasn’t much competition. Sushi Village was the hands down winner, with Sushi Ya a distant second.

Best martinis

Martinis being the in-vogue drink right now, everyone’s got a recipe. Consequently, everyone has a favourite, and there is wide discrepancy on what a martini is or should taste like.

Without getting into that debate the drinkers/voters of Whistler have declared Savage Beagle to have the best martinis, although it was a close decision. The Chateau’s Mallard Lounge and Earl’s(?) were tied for second spot.

Best seafood

This should be obvious if you’ve read who won the Best restaurant when someone else pays category. The Rimrock Café is the hands down winner, and would be a winner in any city.

The Crab Shack was second, but an ocean away from Rimrock in voting. Sushi Village was third.


Best DJ

With top talent spinning a variety of genres from ambient to house music, voting Best DJ is tough pick of vinyl, but consistent mentions went to Matt the Alien, of various gigs and Tree Top film soundtracks. Stoli finished second and DJ Czech was third in voting for turntablists.

Best Bartender

Sometimes you serve Oban with such zest you change venues just to keep it fresh. Andy, formerly at Val d’Isere Restaurant and now with Il Caminetto di Umberto, makes the move from French to Italian entrees while mixing cocktails for appreciative patrons. Andy makes the best ‘grape kneehigh’ martini in town, according to voters. Dave Paul was runner up.

Best Place to Cut a Rug

Down and low is how you like to groove, with Moe Joe’s taking top spot for Best Place to Cut a Rug, followed by Garfinkel’s and its ever-popular locals’ night. Tiki Hut Tommy Africa’s took third, with its delicious blend of beats per theme night and go-go dancers on speaker-speakers. The double-level Savage Beagle was a close fourth. "Carpet factory" also got a vote from some wise-ass.

Best Place to See a Live Act

Hands together, pints raised, the best place to see a live act – by a country mile – is the Boot Pub. There’s loads of history in this bar at the Shoestring Lodge, where the emphasis is on live music every week, rather than lavish decor.

Garfinkel’s was next in line, followed by Buffalo Bill’s. Additional mentions went to GLC, the Shack, Dusty’s, and Moe Joe’s, with one winter keener listing ‘outdoors’ as the best place for any fundamental instumentals.