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The Best of Whistler 2001


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Despite the new choices, the top pick is an old favourite. The Southside Deli is number one with voters. Where else can you get a Belch for breakfast?

A close second was La Brasserie, the little bistro on Village Stroll. Tied for third, right behind La Brass, were Milestone’s and the Junction Café in Function Junction.

Best latte

For those who like their coffee with a bunch of foam, the popular place to go is Starbucks. But a very close second place goes to Moguls coffee house. Second Cup came in third this time around. Blenz and Esquires tied for fourth down on Coffee Row, between the Tyndal Stone Lodge and Marketplace.

Best beer selection

The Dubh Linn Gate wins this category by a country mile. A selection of Irish and English ales and beers, as well as a bunch from the Continent and a few from the New World, lend an international influence to the Irish pub.

Black’s Pub, which boasts a fine selection of its own, finished second. The Brewhouse, the only brewer in town since Whistler Brewing moved out, was third.


Did we mention Whistlerites’ affinity for "casual?" The Longhorn Saloon took top honours for service. They have to be good with 50,000 people streaming off the mountains at the end of a ski day.

Tied for second were Sushi Village and Citta’s.

Best chef

Chefs aren’t as celebrated as snowboarders or mountain bikers in Whistler, though among their peers they stand just as tall as champion athletes do among their peers. That may be behind some of the votes for restaurants, rather than chefs.

But the man at the top of this list, and rightly one of the most celebrated chefs in Whistler, is Chef Bernard Casavant. Chef Bernard’s good work is not limited to the kitchen; he’s helped many other young chefs get their start in the business and he’s also been one of the long-standing champions of B.C.’s food industry.

Scott Kidd, executive chef at Araxi’s, is runner up.

Best waiter

Again, waiters don’t hold the same status as snowboarders in Whistler, even though many are snowboarders. Consequently there were a lot of votes for restaurants rather than waiters, and a lot of votes that only gave first names of waiters at particular restaurants. The winner, then, is Ronnie at Trattoria. Just about everybody else who is a waiter got at least one vote.

Best sushi