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The Best of Whistler 2001


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The fish trend continued in this category. The Rimrock, Bob Dawson and Rolf Gunther’s well-established, out-of-the-way Whistler Creekside original topped the list. The Rimrock had twice the number of votes of runner up La Rúa, Mario Enero’s fine upscale restaurant in Le Chamois. Right behind La Rúa was Andre St. Jacque’s Bearfoot Bistro.

Best value

If seafood seems to be Whistlerites’ preference, they gravitate toward pasta when they have to consider what their pocket books will bear. Uli’s Flipside, where you can get dinner late into the night, was the number one choice in this category. Pasta Lupino, the tiny shop next to the 7-Eleven where you can eat in or take it home, was runner up. The Old Spaghetti Factory was third. Caramba!, which serves pasta as well as a variety of other items, was fourth.

Best new restaurant

Voters seem to establish a trend in one category and it carries over to the next category. Pasta Lupino garnered the most votes, just edging out Shakespeare’s Pies. Joel Thibault’s Bavaria Restaurant, in the space formerly occupied by Fogata, was a very close third.

Also in the mix were Colin Pitt-Taylor’s Riverside Junction Café, at the new campground, and Earl’s.

Best wine list

Unlike other categories in the Food & Drink section where nearly every establishment got votes, Whistlerites have almost come to a consensus on which restaurants have the best wine lists. Not surprisingly, they are the restaurants which spend considerable time, effort and expense in assembling their wine cellars.

The Bearfoot Bistro, which features a spiral staircase in the middle of the restaurant leading down to its wine cellar, topped the list. Getting lost in Andre St. Jacques cellar with only a corkscrew to survive would be heaven for many.

Second place goes to Araxi Restaurant, Jack Evrensel’s lavish restaurant on Village Square, which celebrated its 20 th anniversary this fall.

La Rúa, which also has a fine cellar, was third.


When it comes to atmosphere Whistler voters seemed to prefer something casual. Not that any restaurant in Whistler is considered formal by city standards, but voters this year were looking for mountain casual.

Citta’s topped the list, just edging out Uli’s Flipside. Sushi Village was just a vote behind Uli’s in third place and the Trattoria was only one vote behind Uli’s in fourth place.

Best Pizza

Unstoppable on the mountain and unstoppable in this category: Avalanche. Avalanche Pizza was the runaway-and-hide-and-don’t-even-look-for-anyone-else winner in this category. Not that there weren’t plenty of votes for the multitude of other pizza makers in town, but no one could stop, or top, Avalanche.