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The Best of Whistler 2001


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Best neighbourhood

Well, everybody thinks that theirs is the best. Alpine Meadows gets the most votes here, with Alta Vista and Spruce Grove tying for second place, followed closely by Creekside in third. Most of the other neighbourhoods in town also got a mention.

Best lie to tell tourists

It's hard to imagine that some tourists would believe some of this stuff. Perhaps it’s the mountain air, perhaps the fresh powder, maybe it's because they're on holiday that makes them so gullible. Whatever the reason there's no excuse to be falling for some of these lines:

"We cut the top off Whistler to make it a bowl." "It's a different time zone on top of Whistler." "Oh, it's not hard skiing at the Peak." "The rooms in the village are quiet at night." "There's not enough snow to ski." "I love whale blubber." "Sorry, we don't take any U.S. $." "All residents live in igloos." and the ultimate lie: "We love tourists."

Best public place during a blizzard

Measly things like blizzards can't keep Whistlerites off the mountain. Believe it or not, most voters would prefer to be on the hill rather than in front of a cozy fire during a raging blizzard. There were even a couple of votes from people who think that hanging suspended in a gondola would be the best public place to wait out a blizzard.

Close runner-ups however, go to various local bars. When the weather turns bad most people choose to camp out in the Longhorn, Merlin’s, and Tapley's.

Food & Drink

Best restaurant

It may strike some as a little strange that in a mountain town the top two restaurants, as voted by locals, specialize in fish. Of course Sushi Village, which was the top vote getter, and the Rimrock Café are about more than fish but voters definitely have a taste for fish, as Sushi Ya and Monk McQueen’s also earned a number of votes. Uli’s Flipside finished third.

Best restaurant when someone else pays

No shortage of possibilities here, just a shortage of people willing to pay for your dinner at one of Whistler’s finer restaurants.