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The Best of Whistler 2001


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Strangely, the place that got the most votes is probably the place with the most locals on any given day. Even though it's the home of the ever handy Re-Use It Centre, – Function Junction rates as the top choice for the place in Whistler least like Whistler.

Mountain view

The debate continues – is this the best place from which to view a mountain OR the best mountain to view from? Rainbow Park got the most votes, followed by the top of the Peak Chair, the top of Whistler and Blueberry Hill. One voter who obviously just could not make up his/her mind wrote "every direction."

Best place for people watching

Sitting on Citta's patio is like taking the pulse of Whistler, according to this survey. The restaurant, located in the heart of the village, was voted the top place to check out who and what's going on in town. It was the hands down winner, with no other spot even giving it a run for its money, except maybe Moguls Coffee House, directly across Village Square from Citta’s. Other restaurants and coffee spots that also got a mention were Black's Pub, Blendz, La Brasserie and Splitz.

Favourite Whistlerite

He's done it again. Rabbit gets the most votes as the most popular local. Johnny Thrash and Crucial Mike of 'Ski Bums' fame also got a few mentions. Votes also went to some of the local famous athletes like Rob Boyd and Steve Podborski.

Best make out spot

Voted as the best place to wait out a blizzard, the gondolas also got the most votes for the best place to make out. (It might be the best way to pass the time while waiting out the blizzard.)

Other places that got the romantic juices flowing were the Meadow Park steam room, the nudy dock at Lost Lake, the old disc golf course and the side of any ski run.

Three of the less discerning voters wrote "anywhere," "everywhere" and "you pick the bar."

Best excuse for being late to work

All the typical answers apply here. People claim to be late for work in Whistler for the same reasons they claim to be late anywhere else in the country – traffic, accident on the highway, car got towed, the bus was late, road work, having sex, slept in, and hung over.

There were also many excuses that would only fly in Whistler. The top choice was, of course, the snow. Other excuses unique to Whistler were: getting stuck on the gondola, getting caught in an avalanche, the lift breaking down, the snowplow was blocking the driveway, getting stuck on the road behind a tourist, 7 th Heaven opening up and having Ozzie roommates.