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The Best of Whistler 2001


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Parking cops – not too popular. The RCMP – not too popular either.

Worst Whistler trend

You might think you're trendy strutting around town in high heels, with diamonte sunglasses, a one piece ski suit, and an animal winter hat, but according to voters, these are considered some of Whistler's worst trends.

The survey shows we’re a fashion conscious town and other fashion faux pas on the list included; the mullet look, huge pants, designer wear, visors worn upside down, studded belts, wearing toques indoors, a goggle tan and anything in neon.

But the perpetual worst Whistler trends are the high winter rents, which tied for first place with oversized SUVs.

Party of 2001

The name itself suggests that it's going to be a good time regardless – the Extremely Canadian Pimp and Ho Party got top choice again this year. It was followed closely by Halloween, New Year's and the WSSF. And the Pemberton Barn dance also got a few votes, which goes to show that you can't judge a party based on its name alone.

New business

It's a cutthroat business town but if you've got the goods, they will come.

Three new businesses tied for first place this year, each one offering a different product or service: Shakespeare's to fill an empty tummy full of warm pies on the way home from the bars; Esquires to quench a coffee craving; and Consider It Done, which offers a plethora of concierge-style services.

The Great Glass Elevator came in a close runner-up.

Gift/present that most says ‘Whistler’

Some voters may have taken this category a little too literally. Then again, many people would be hard pressed to find a store in Whistler that doesn't carry merchandise with a Whistler logo emblazoned somewhere on it. Some of the presents that made it into this category were; a shot glass, fleece, T-shirt, magnet, bumper sticker, sweatshirt, baseball cap and a cheesy snowglobe.

But the hands down winner, the gift that everyone wants, the gift that says Whistler the most, without actually "saying" Whistler is, of course, a ski pass.

Place in Whistler least like Whistler

We like to play in this town and nothing illustrates that more than the fact that somebody actually voted "work" as the place least like Whistler.

And the place that dictates most of our lives in this town also got a vote – the Whistler-Blackcomb offices.