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The Best of Whistler 2001


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We’d like to add a couple votes for Pique artist Aaron Baggio, whose work can be seen most weeks on Pique Newsmagazine’s covers.

Best Local Writer

Words, words, words. Again this year it was G.D. Maxwell who garnered the best local writer award. Contacted for his thoughts on this prestigious award Maxwell’s first thought was: "Oh no, now I won’t be surprised on Friday." He quickly added, "but do I get my a free subscription?"

Honourable mentions included Grace Chadsey, Stephen Vogler, Mogul Monahan and the Pique’s own Andrew Mitchell.

Event of the Season

Go big or go home. The Big Air event is again Event of the Season for Whistlerites. The World Ski and Snowboard Festival, which includes the Big Air, was second in the voting. Opening day of the ski season wound up third.

Other events earning multiple votes included Cornucopia, the opening of Maurice Young Millennium Place, Nor-Am Races, the Turkey Sale, the Pemberton Barn Dance and Artrageous.

Local News Story You’re Most Sick Of

A mile wide but not an inch deep, this topic’s range of answers was more vast than the terrain at Brohm Ridge. However, "anything about the Olympics" was the clear number one.

A perennial favourite (not), the housing situation was runner up. Third place went to anything to do with Sept. 11.

Other votes went to the gates at Blueberry and Spruce Grove, dogs, the bed unit cap, snow, loss of tourists and one curmudgeon who was "sick of all of them."

Quote of the Year

Not a lot of consistency in this category, and some people chose ad slogans or commercial pitches as quotes of the year. Lame.

Some of the better entries included: "I’m so wasted…" "We live in an extreme town." "Osama you don’t let your women work and you don’t let them vote, so you’ll be getting all your sex from a mountain goat." "If it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger."

The winner, as determined by a panel of judges, is: "That was soooo epic!" or variations on that theme.


You’d be hard pressed to find a town as obsessed with sports as Whistler. If we’re not out watching something, we’re out doing something, pushing the laws of gravity, metallurgy, kinetics, flexibility, hydration and human endurance. Pushing our luck, in other words, for an endorphine rush and shot of adrenaline.