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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Best Latte

Holy cow I can’t believe it but I think that The Second Cup coffee shop won the Best Latte category this year, year 2000, because they got the most votes for making the best Latte in the village with their tasty beans and foamy milk and all kinds of delicious and highly caffeinated varieties to choose from… (Breathe) ….Of course they’re not the only Latte maker in town, no sir, not by a long mile, because we also received votes for Behind the Grind, the Whistler Cookie Co. which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be there anymore, Moguls which is under new ownership these days, and Blenz, and it’s a good thing too that all these places make a good Latte, because sometimes we all need a little pick me up to help us get going now and then because there’s so much to–

Best Beer Selection

A bartender at the Dubh Linn Gate should feel right at home operating a heavy crane or a wrecking ball – in both environments there are dozens of levers to pull and every single one of them does something a little bit different. That’s why Pique readers handed Dubh Linn Gate this category by a landslide for the second year running. Black’s also deserves a mention with a formidable list of lagers and ales to choose from and a respectable number of votes to their credit.

Best Service

A lot of people don’t appreciate what it takes to be a good server. A nice smile helps but if you can’t carry a conversation, uncork a bottle of wine without looking like your doing an Olympic clean and jerk, serve a bowl of soup without sticking your thumb into the broth, or work in and around people in such a way that they never accuse you of invading their private space, a nice smile isn’t going to go too far. Good timing is also an asset, as is the ability to tap dance and talk your way around difficult situations, which happen more than you would ever believe. That’s why the servers at the Bearfoot Bistro should take pride in the fact that Pique readers have voted them to be the best of the best. Other top picks include La Rúa, Quattro, Citta, Uli’s Flipside and Las Margaritas.

Best Signature Dish

If you’ve never experienced the lamb at Rim Rock, the fondue at Joel’s or "everything" at Sushi Village, then you’ve never experienced the ultimate in dining – when a chef nails a dish to the extent that people refer to it as a signature dish, it’s akin to Babe Ruth calling his shots or Picasso owning the colour blue – in other words, it’s a one of a kind.