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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Best Wine List

This is a hard category to choose, as there is probably enough fine wine stored in cellars around Whistler to fill Emerald Lake. Bearfoot Bistro won this category for the second year in a row, and we hear that they’re so pleased that they’re ripping down the plaque certifying their recent three-star rating from the prestigious "Where To Eat In Canada 2000" guide to make room for an equally prestigious Pique sticker. Araxi, like Al Gore, lost by a handful of ballots, even after a recount and a heated debate about hanging chads. Umberto’s finished third in the contest.

Best Atmosphere

The Bearfoot Bistro won this category – grand piano, body paint, leather chairs and all. Araxi was second, followed by Uli’s Flipside, the Rim Rock and Quattro. Just wait until Chuck E. Cheese comes to town – no amount of fancy décor or jazz music can compete with an animatronic jug band and ball room.

Best Pizza

This topic is always one of the most hotly debated, usually at 2 a.m. when Whistler’s best and brightest come down with an attack of the munchies. Avalanche Pizza, the new kid on the block, won the debate. Misty’s Gourmet Pizza was second, followed by Boston Pizza, the BrewHouse, Citta, and Caramba.

Best Place for Scotch

It’s an acquired taste (or at least the people who pretend to like it say it is) but a day on the hill is not complete for some folks without a tumbler of high quality blended or single-malted Scotch… the eyes go blurry just thinking about it. The winner, for the second year in a row, is Black’s Pub, which has a veritable arsenal of the stuff at its disposal, lined against the wall with the elegant menace of a gun rack. Dubh Linn Gate is a close second in this category, followed by the Mallard Lounge.

Best Place for Cigars

If Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fidel Castro and Bill Clinton were in Whistler right now, you might find them puffing on stogies and talking politics and women in the cigar lounge of the Bearfoot Bistro, the winner of this most prestigious category. The Mallard Lounge also made the list, as did the Vancouver Cigar Co. and Whistler Cigar Co.

Best Place for Steaks

Where’s the beef? It’s a question that has plagued man and little old ladies since the mid 1980s. According to Pique readers the beef is at Hy’s Steakhouse for the second year running. The Keg is a close second, followed by the Rim Rock(?!) and the Creekside Grillroom.