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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Place to walk your dog

Two readers summed up the submissions: "everywhere" and "anywhere". But by far the most popular place for walkies is the Valley Trail. Next up is the trails at Lost Lake Park, followed by the village. Other doggie-owner haunts include the Interpretive Forest and its Riverside Trail, the Emerald Forest, Rainbow Park and Meadow Park.

Favourite Whistlerite

The late Seppo Makinen, who left us just after last year’s survey was completed, takes the gold.

The Hare slipped into second place (Rabbit triumphed here last year) and Guitar Doug’s fan club has placed him third, edging out Greg Stump.

Roger (of Roger’s Chocolates) received honorable mention as did Ben Horne – who was tagged as a philanthropist – and Beagle bartender Greg Pomalchuck.


Best Restaurant

The Best Restaurant category is about as subjective as any "Best of" category can be, with so many variables to take into consideration including price, service, food, location, ambience, staff, elbow room and napkin availability. The gold standard we recommend using is to pretend you went on a crime spree in the great State of Texas and were summarily sentenced to death – what restaurant would you order your last meal from? Others may have slightly different criteria, or this being Canada in an election year, a hidden agenda. Whatever methodology was used to reach this momentous decision, this year’s Best Restaurant was Uli’s Flipside, which edged out reigning champion Sushi Village by a handful of votes. Las Margaritas was a close third, followed by Quattro and Sushi Ya.

Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays

Everybody should have a rich uncle who visits them in Whistler every once in a while, if only to pick up the tab at all the fine restaurants that make this truly a world-class resort. La Rúa earned the most votes in this category, followed by Bearfoot Bistro, Hy’s, the Rim Rock and Araxi.

Best Value

Somewhere between the intangibles of quality, quantity and price is a sweet spot we call "Best Value", or alternately "The Biggest Bang For Your Buck". Any restaurant that is big on customers and easy on the wallet deserves to be recognized – without you, locals would never leave the house. This year the top honour goes to Las Margaritas, followed by Uli’s Flipside , Sushi Village, Milestones, and McDonald’s.

Best New Restaurant

Pasta Lupino, the little Italian restaurant that could, won this category, followed by new newcomer Tex Corleone’s. Milestones also received a fair share of the votes.