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The Best of Whistler 2000


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The Valley Trail system won hands down as the best use of taxpayers’ money, followed by the skate park, affordable housing and transit – especially the new buses to Pemberton.

Worst use of public money

Once again, the fountain and the "fake stream" that runs throug the village past the Brew House earned top spot, along with varieties on this theme, including the water feature near Starbucks, even though it was built with private money.

Millennium Place, still soaking up cash, earned second vote for waste of "public" funds, followed by the skate park and re-paving the village.

Also listed as a bad use of taxpayers’ cash were the dollars spent on repairing the gates in White Gold and Blueberry.

And, it may not be public cash, but the renovation at Nesters received honorable mention.

Oasis of serenity

The luxurious tranquillity of the Spa at the Chateau Whistler was voted as the choice for soothing away the wrinkles of resort life. The mountain-top earned second spot and there was no clear consensus for third. Choices ranged from the backcountry and the Ancient Cedars to the top of Secret Trail, the skate park and Lost Lake (must be talking shoulder season here).

Replacement mayor

Well, the inimitable G.D. Maxwell, voted the most favoured replacement mayor in 1999, has been edged off the podium for the year 2000. Is this a sign the populace has come to its senses? Ron – Hoz – Hosner was the pick for replacement mayor this time around. Chalky is choice for number two with AWARE’s Stephane Perron in third position. Then followed an eclectic pod including Guitar Doug, Dave Kirk, Ross Rebagliati, "anyone who will get rid of the gates," Doug Perry, Rob Boyd and Marie-Ann Prevost.

Whistler trend

It was uncertain whether readers were identifying the best Whistler trend or the most predominant trend of the year 2000 but the most votes went to skate clothing. This was followed by the lack of housing and locals leaving town (hardly the "best" trends) and less reliance on vehicles (really?).

Worst Whistler trend

It was variations on "those damn silver scooters" and a delinquent and mushrooming dog population that rankled residents as being the most annoying of local bents this year. And, showing a darker side of the resort, the other worst Whistler trend identified this year was a penchant for cocaine and a preponderance of "coke sluts."

Other annoying fashions highlighted were continued littering, rising rents, SUV drivers, hippies, re-naming places after Olympic gold medallists, couch surfing and NIMBYism.