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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Best Sound System

In Whistler, there are sound systems that are subtle, sound systems that aren’t quite as subtle, and sound systems with enough power to rattle your teeth out and liquify your bowels (thankfully never used). For bass you can taste, the winner for Best Sound System is Maxx Fish, followed by The Savage Beagle, Buffalo Bill’s and Citta.

Place That Feels Like Home

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name – and they’re always glad you came. With home being thousands of miles away for a lot of Whistlerites, landing in an environment where you can kick back and feel like you own the place is almost as important as putting a roof over your head. Moe Joe’s was voted the homiest night spot, followed by the Amsterdam, Citta, The Savage Beagle and the Cinnamon Bear. Feel free to pull up a stool and tell the bartender all about your day.

Coolest Staff

Technically, this category isn’t so much a ‘Best of’ category as it is a popularity contest – who’s the friendliest, the easiest going, the easiest to talk to, and the most sincere. It’s rare to find a person with all these qualities and rarer still to find these qualities in an entire staff. The Longhorn Saloon staff took the top honours this year, beating out the incumbent Health Care Centre. Citta was a close second, and Merlin’s a close third.

Best Apres Ski Bar

After a day torturing all those little stabilizer muscles you forgot you even had, going for a liquid "apres ski" muscle relaxant makes a lot of sense. It’s also a good way to meet up with friends to compare runs, crashes, and incidences of toque-head. The Longhorn Saloon provides this service in spades, winning this category by a respectable margin. Citta was second, followed by the Amsterdam, and Merlin’s.

Best Patio

Citta, with a raised patio that soaks up the afternoon sunshine and provides a venue for some first-rate people watching, wins this category. The Longhorn Saloon was second, Merlin’s was third and Dusty’s was fourth.

Best Place To Shoot Some Stick

If playing pool is your thing – and judging by the number of tables in town it’s somebody’s thing – then you should know that the Cinnamon Bear was voted the best place in town to shoot a game. The AlpenRock, which has more tables than any four bars combined, was second by a couple of votes. The Longhorn Saloon and Dusty’s round out the list.