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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Best Chef

Chef Bernard Casavant, or "Cheffie" to his friends, is practically a legend in these parts, trading a position as the executive chef at one of Whistler’s most exclusive hotels for a chance to run his own grass roots restaurant. Once again, the voters have spoken – You’re the man, Cheffie! Rob Parrott of Quattro and Ron Lammie of the Trattoria also received a fair share of the votes.

Best Waiter

It seems that Whistlerites are great with faces, but terrible with names. The only remotely intelligible response we got was "Fontaine" who apparently works somewhere in the resort. When we figure out who he is, and where he’s doing the Best Waiting in Whistler, we’ll get back to you.

Best Caterer

The nod, once again, goes to Chef Bernard, the man with the pan. Market Catering was a close second.


Best DJ

It’s a scene all right, and, judging by the number of different responses we received, Whistler is into it. DJ Czech, the man from Prague, was the spin doctor with the best medicine for the greatest number of voters. DJ Seanski, DJ Spin Cat, DJ Stoli, and DJ Peace Frog also got their share of props.

Best Bartender

Dave Paul of Citta is the mixologist of choice for Pique voters, equally proficient at pulling pints of lager and making Caesar’s that knock the wind out of you. Chris at Moe Joe’s is second, followed by Jack at Zeuski’s and Andy at Moe Joe’s.

Best Place To See A Live Act

If you’ve never been to The Boot to see a live act, then you haven’t lived in Whistler. From punk bands on local’s nights to the regular rotation of local and travelling acts, The Boot offers something for everyone – even a Ballet recital four times a week. It’s no surprise then that The Boot won this category almost unanimously. DJ-friendly Maxx Fish and the always eclectic Garfinkel’s also registered on the voting list.

Best Place To Be Seen

For a small town, it’s unbelievable how rarely you happen to bump into friends in the street. By hanging out at certain key local establishments, however, you seem to improve your chances of being seen by a considerable margin. Citta, strategically located at a four-way intersection in the pedestrian village, was the hands-down winner of this category, followed by local watering holes Maxx Fish, The Boot, Moe Joe’s, and the Amsterdam.