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The Best of Whistler 2000


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The pitches submitted were across the board but is seems residents feel that the one about locals "discounts" and "deals" is getting a little tired and frayed around the edges.

Of course there was the perennial "Number One" in North America line and the newer, "There’s something about Whistler."

Also receiving honorable mentions were variations on, "this is the best s–t you’ll ever smoke" and "you look rad!"

And, "the Kicking Horse crusade" did not go unnoticed locally either.

Gift or present that says "Whistler"

Oh that’s hard… fleece, fleece and more fleece wins as the item that practically oooozes "Whistler." Logo wear was voted second and includes everything from hoodies to T-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with trademarks that bring the resort or its lifestyle to mind.

A season’s pass came in third, but perhaps that was more wishful thinking on some people’s part. A Camelbak got a few mentions as being a cadeau that cries Whistler as did "a toque eh" and "fat one" or a Greg Griffith photo.

Or, as one scrooge put it, "anything cheaply made but expensive."

Place in Whistler least like Whistler

AlpenRock wins here. Well, it does profess to trying to emulate something in Zurich. Function Junction gets runner up status – as it did last year – and for the year 2000, McDonald’s takes the bronze. The village, again, got a mention as being a place least like Whistler. So did Pemberton but, for those who haven’t noticed, it’s not in Whistler, yet.

Place to take visitors

The top of the mountains, the top of Whistler Mountain, the top of Blackcomb Mountain and various venues on the mountain tops are where Whistlerites like to take their guests. No debate there.

Next best on the voters’ list were the Ancient Cedars and Brandywine Falls.

Mountain view

This category was taken to mean both the best place on the mountains to take in the view as well as the best place to view the mountains. The top vote, and technically it really was too close to call, went to the top of Black Tusk (especially at full moon). Runners up were Rainbow Mountain and Sproatt, followed by 7th Heaven. Some other favorite places to look at the mountains were Blueberry Hill and the West Side Road.

Place for people watching

No contest, summer or winter, the heart of the old village is still the best place to settle back and observe humanity. Again, Citta possesses the patio of choice for people watching. The neighbouring Amsterdam Café and Araxi patios are the runners up.