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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Heli-ski run

Not a category that everyone filled in, likely because heli-skiing remains the domain of those who can afford it. That being said, Rainbow was at the top of the list. Mount Currie, which isn’t a heli-ski run, also made the cut. No mention of the Bugaboos or Sylvan Saudan’s operation in the Himalayas.

Bike Trail

A River Runs Through It, which is more a labyrinth than a single trail but which is easy to get to and everyone has heard of, was the clear choice. Given the technical level of riding required to stay upright on A River Runs Through It the trail’s popularity is a bit surprising. Perhaps it’s like skiing the Couloir Extreme: not that many people do it well but everyone wants to be able to say they’ve done it.

Secret Trail was a distant second and Trespasser was third.

Hole on a local golf course

Surprisingly few entries in this category, maybe because everyone is out riding A River Runs Through It. Or maybe it’s that all the golfers had migrated to Arizona when we ran the survey in October and November. The only hole that received more than one vote was No. 18 at Nicklaus North.

Municipal park

Rainbow Park, with its views, expanse of grass, beach, parking lot and doggy-friendly attitude topped the polls. Lost Lake was runner up.

Way to stay in shape

Whistlerites like to pedal, at least those who like to stay in shape. Biking was the number one choice. Sex (see favourite indoor sport) was number two but there was no indication whether Whistlerites were using this for anaerobic or aerobic training. Hiking was a distant third.

Favourite Whistler athlete

Mountain biker Lisa Dickson (see favourite way to stay in shape) was the people’s choice this year. She beat out such perennial favourites as Ross Rebagliati (No. 2) and Rob Boyd (No. 3). Local athletes who could benefit from a little higher profile include former world snowboardcross champion Maëlle Ricker and mountain bike champion Chad Miles.


Fitness facility

The people’s fitness facility: Meadow Park.


We’ll keep individuals’ names out of this, and the in-depth reasons for their nominations, and stick to the commercial operations. Whistler Physio was the top choice for caring hands, followed by the Spa at the Chateau Whistler. Blue Highways was number three.


Tammy Bexton wins the battle for the bicuspids, the clash of the canines, the mauling of the molars, the… title of Whistler’s favourite dentist. Dr. Roberts was runner up.