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The Best of Whistler 2000


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Quote Of The Year

Whazzzzzup! (This catch phrase isn’t going to go away for a long time, so prepare yourself for more wagging tongues and incidents at local Sushi restaurants.)

How you doin’? (The number of votes this catch phrase generated alarmed the Pique staff – none of us have heard it all that much, which leads us to believe that nobody really cares how we’re doin’.)


Best Run on Whistler or Blackcomb

You slept in, woke up to the sound of explosions, rushed to the hill, and found yourself on a chairlift watching the early-bird skiers and boarders carve up the fresh snow beneath you. Suddenly it dawns on you that you may not get as much fresh powder as you would have liked. At these trying times you have to make a hard choice – which run will it be? Obviously you go with the best. This year the best is Zig Zag on Blackcomb, followed by Kyber’s Pass and Peak to Creek on Whistler (both of which are slightly out of bounds).

Best Outdoor Sport (Besides Skiing Or Snowboarding)

Bumpy tires rule in Whistler, as mountain biking beats sex (last year’s winner) for Best Outdoor Sport. I guess it’s true what they say: bike seats do make you impotent. Cruising around on a set of cross-country or skate skis is number two, followed by snowshoeing in the winter and rafting in the spring and summer.

Indoor sport

Whistler’s favourite indoor sport is the world’s favourite indoor sport: sex. Just goes to show what an international, worldly place we are. Other favourites were sports that are usually played outside – perhaps an indication of how outdoors-oriented we are? Rock climbing was second, swimming third. Basketball and hockey also made the list.

Snowmobile tour

Some people think commercial, some people think terrain. Canadian Snowmobile Adventures topped the list, followed by "Cougar Mountain" – which might mean the terrain or it might mean Cougar Mountain At Whistler tours – and Pemberton Ice Cap.